Future Hearing, Mauritius, is dedicated to providing expert services and treating each patient with respect and professionalism.

Hearing Aids Mauritius

We are one of the most experienced suppliers of hearing aids in Mauritius, and we deliver country-wide. We plan to grow and soon have multiple branches in different regions.  We are the sole distributor for Audifon, a hearing aid manufacturer based in Germany with distribution in over 65 countries worldwide. The company has a long and successful history of over 50 years and is part of one of the largest companies in the industry. We build custom devices ourselves, and with a team of professional technicians, we definitely know what we are talking about.

We consider ourselves industry professionals and aim to provide only the best service to our patients.


Hearing Test

Our hearing tests involve testing both ears for various tone capabilities.


On-site Laboratory

Future Hearing have our very own laboratory, in house repairs & services.



When you purchase a hearing aid, the perfect fit is very important.

FAQ  – Frequently asked questions:

As hearing loss often happens very gradually, screen tests should be performed every 3 to 5 years, or as soon as you suspect you may have an auditory problem.

Our screen tests are absolutely free and can be booked online.

Once you have booked the appointment, ensure you arrive on time. Screen tests are completely painless and are executed by professionals.

Hearing aids can greatly improve your hearing in both quiet and noisy situations and allow patients better communication.

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